Living in a Glass House

The peak of any single success curve usually corresponds to the feeling that you’re suddenly known – that suddenly, you live in a glass house.  Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re living in a glass house until you shatter the floor and fall through; and the problem is everyone could see it happen.

To live in a glass house is to be exposed – but what a lot of us forget is that we chose this flat as ours.  We took the keys, unlocked the door, and made it our home.  Every breath we took would fog the glass, and every step we took watched by the outside, our tracks left to be scrutinized.

But I suppose I am writing this article not to condemn the idea of having to exist in one (because it is, after all, inevitable), but to remind those who are living in it not to lose themselves.  It is easy to lose oneself while being watched; so afraid of judgement and condemnation that we try to pretend to be the perfect person that *they* want us to be.  So I guess I just want to remind you, you who struggles with living in this shatter dome – that you need not be afraid of not being perfect.

It is only human to make mistakes – but what makes or breaks you and your house is whether or not you are brave enough to make amends.

At the end of the day, living in a glass house isn’t all that daunting.  All eyes are on you, and that’s a chance for you to lead the way and show them how it’s done.  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


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