What can I say?  It’s been a very, very busy year.

From Orientation to SYF to A Levels to Prom to the Maldives, to Cameron Highlands and back again – this year has been an absolutely crazy adventure.

This is the year I was taught some of the most important lessons of my life.  This is the year I took one of the most important exams of my life.  This was the year gratitude came to slap me in the face and wake up for those who helped me.  This is the year that my spirit of adventure and wanderlust was truly rekindled.  This was the year I rediscovered music.  This was the year I finally travelled back into the magic of Harry Potter.  This was the year I fell in love with the Doctor.  This was the year I fell in love.  This was the year we finally found Dory.

This is the year I learned I was worth something, and that I have always been capable to help others learn that about themselves too.

This was the year someone told me I was worth something.  And that meant more than anything else.  This was the year my mother told me that if I wanted to pursue something, I needed to be serious about it – and that I shouldn’t let anyone make me feel bad about it.

It was the year that I found out that passion must be tended to.  The flame will not burn indefinitely – you must keep it alive.


It’s hard to keep track of everything that happened in 2016.  From personal victories to global shifts – sometimes it’s just a blur.

In 2017,I hope to start documenting my life properly.  I hope to write down what happened in some of the wildest years of my life thus far – these past two – and to continue that in 2017.  I hope to keep to my dreams and start thinking more deeply and exploring more widely to improve myself.  I hope to go to greater places and achieve greater things.  I hope to become a better person.


2017, let’s go – and I expect some good challenges.


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