Fun-O-Rama XXIII

2/4/2016 was the day of Fun-O-Rama XXIII, in other words, the best carnival experience I’ve ever had in my life.

Yesterday was absolutely and completely insane.  I was tasked to do five things, essentially: being a VIP escort before FOR started, class duty, corporate gifts duty, theatre duty, and to get dunked.  I enjoyed every second of duty – each and every one.

Escorting was a good gig, even though I had to sacrifice some time helping my class out – because I got to hear a lot of good stories about the old ACJC and how it’s come to today from all the old boys, and from Mr Lenn.  It was absolutely wonderful to get to listen to them and talk to them about the College and what it meant to them.  It really makes me feel like ACS is a family that spans across generations.  It makes me feel like I’m part of the family when they share their stories with me too 🙂  And it was so sweet when their kids looked around, saw the games and picked out the ones they wanted to play, because they were just so excited to get started – like we were doing a good job even before the day began.  It was great too – because the game one girl picked out was my class’! 😀

Class duty – oh my class’ stall was good.  Looked good, and the game was good, too.  I didn’t get to spend too much time there, regretfully, for I was prancing about the compound advertising – which I did for theatre as well (I guess it’s my speciality)IMGP8816My class’s store was completely crazy – we had a line forming.  That’s right there was a line for a game stall in the middle of the carpark lane.  No one else had that.  I have to say, I was really, really proud of us.  I went around in an army uniform coaxing people and whenever I came back – there were more people than when I left.  And that made me so, so happy to see our stall being so successful.  Meanwhile at the theatre booth, things were going really well too!  I saw everyone walking around with paints of red, blue, and gold or elaborate designs that only ACSian Theatre kids can pull off.  It warmed my heart to see everyone working so hard at my class and at theatre.  It made advertising a lot easier, I have to say.

Then there was corporate gifts.  Oh dear.  Oddly enough,  that was extremely invigorating – because the stuff was so easy to sell.  Were they over-priced?  Ridiculously so.  BUT PEOPLE STILL BOUGHT IT.  They are all suckers for ACS-brand items – and so am I but whatever.  I kept selling and selling and selling and it really felt great.  I convinced one person from purchase $8 notebooks to three for $20 so many times, and to top off with $10 for three files to get rid of the items that we were selling.  It was satisfying.  And it was great to get to see all my seniors from the 39ths’ Students’ Council again – the air is so different from what it had been last year 🙂  The conversation was real and everything felt so much warmer – even in the midst of selling inflated-priced merchandise.

Now it’s time for the other fun part of my FOR experience.



THE ESCAPE ROOM WAS SO FUN.  It was very, very well done!!  I loved it so much I wish I could’ve gone in again – if only it didn’t cost me a full $10.  But seriously, it was very well done despite the fact that it was a carnival set-up.  In fact, it was ingenious.  It was wonderful – it was intriguing!!

The haunted house was traumatic – and I absolutely loved it too!!!! AHHHHHHHHH.  So my class had a special offer to go in altogether and we walked into the LT and literally we all just screamed and went mental.  I was clinging to Dominic the entire time because I was scared witless and used him as a crutch to get myself through the Haunted House.  There were a billion of us inside, but it was a good experience anyway despite the large crowd (maybe because I stood at the front so I could see everything that traumatised me so).

GETTING DUNKED WAS AMAZING.  It was thrilling.  Some people are scared, but I was just… well—– thrilled!! it was a hot day, and I seriously wanted a dip in.  And I got it – twice. IMGP8954  Anyway, I did love it a lot.  Seeing my teacher (the one in the water in the photo) getting dunked was hilarious.  It’s well, not what I can explain easily because it’s a inside joke type-of thing that made it that funny.  🙂  But yes, getting dunked myself was pretty good too – I loved the thrill of staying on the seat and just waiting for someone to hit the target.  Sigh.  Good times.  My teacher must’ve spent at least $20 on me trying to hit the target HAHAHA.  I love it.


To be honest, though, I can’t really put my finger on the good things that happened, because it was really just a collective of the spirit that Fun-O-Rama XXIII had.  I can’t describe it with the same justice as I felt it with.  Fun-O-Rama XXIII was built upon the sweat and the love and passion of ACSians now and then.  It was beautiful.  It made everything more beautiful.  🙂  I can’t wait for Fun-O-Rama XXIV – to come back and feel it all over again.  To come have a different experience that makes me feel good all again.  🙂