I just thought this was really nice.  And I don’t know who did it, but I want people to know about it.

“And I”

“Gazing at the stars”

“Stumbled over you”


“And fell”

“Painfully in love”

“Couldn’t get up”

“For ages”

That’s the thing about love, isn’t it?

Sometimes we’re just so busy looking up that we don’t look at the people around us.  But then after that you kind of just… fall.  Something catches you by surprise, and you fall helplessly, and perhaps you don’t want to get up, because you’re in love now.  It’s painful, but you like it.  You like the break it gave you from being alone and looking up at the sky, wandering around and the isolation you were in.  Now it’s different.  Someone is with you.  You can’t get back up for ages… because that’s how love works.  You can’t get up.  Because you don’t want to.


time to unwind

Today was a really good day.

The euphoria in the room when we discovered there wouldn’t be rehearsals tomorrow is indescribable.  It was just like the sky was lifted from our shoulders as we burst into figurative tears and laughter and joy.

It was even better when we got to McDonalds for 1-for-1 Mocha Frappes, and found another GS group there, because we were free.

It’s been so impossible to have any free time to ourselves.

Our teachers are true saints 🙂  Also, I’m so glad I’m going cycling this Sunday morning… I need it.

I think I’ve really lost myself these past couple of months.  I’ve stopped reading, I’ve stopped being… being me.  I’ve allowed others to influence and bend me into something I’m not.  The stronghold is crumbling, but it is not gone.  I will rebuild the ruins of myself.  I just need some time away.  Just the Sunday morning with myself, my old friends… the people I love most.

Only then, I think, can I play the truth about a character who’s loss left behind indelible marks on the souls of others.

I just want to be a good person.  And I need to remember that.

School has been great.  But I really do need to re-center, and find myself again.  I’ve been so caught up with life I lost myself.  Now I need to find my person again, and I can’t wait to meet her after a while.  It’ll feel good, I think.  I am not myself now.  But I will be again soon.